Friday, July 12, 2013

Star Trails

Assignment #9: Create an image with star trails.

Are these shots a little gimmicky? Maybe, but they sure get a reaction when you share them, from photogs and non-photogs alike.

I suppose you could make one of these with a single very long exposure, but today, there's simply no need to run the risk of a single wayward headlight ruining an hour's work. It's so much easier to "stack" multiple exposures, a procedure that gives you various editing opportunities. You'll need an intervalometer (found on many DSLRs or available for purchase) and appropriate stacking software. I'm on Windows so I tried startrails.exe for the shots below. It's donationware so give it a try and send the guy a little money when you get something you like.

Turkey Run Star Trails
Looking north in Turkey Run State Park, near Marshall, Indiana

Miami Sky Lines
Looking straight up (no tripod - camera on its back on a picnic table) in Miami State Recreation Area, Miami and Wabash Counties, Indiana

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  1. Nice exposures! I love that you just placed the camera on a picnic table to get the exposures through the trees!