Friday, September 6, 2013

Not Level (Deceptively)

Assignment #17:  Take a picture that you intend to rotate for its final presentation.

There were two things that inspired this assignment.

The first was a picture of a bicyclist.  He was backlit to a degree so that his shadow fell between him and the camera and the shadow was bigger than the cyclist himself.  The picture was flipped 180 degrees so that, at first glance, the shadow appears to be an out-of-proportion silhouette.  Fun!

I also have recently seen some photos from a series of head-and-shoulders portraits in which the subjects were hanging upside down for the shoot but the final images are, again, flipped 180 degrees.  Some of the pictures look like the people are wearing fright wigs or lots of hair gel while others look almost normal.

Photos from tilted "mystery rooms" could work here as could some variation on the old "Batman and Robin climb a building" scenes which were filmed at a 90 degree tilt.

So, yeah, "deceptively" might be a little strong.  We're making a specific rotation for a specific reason but the ultimate goal isn't to permanently fool anyone.

Water Garden
Wheeling, West Virginia

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