Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Favorites: Curves

This is the second in a series of posts featuring my personal favorites of what I shot in 2013.

The reason I started this whole "assignment" business is that I've found that looking for something in particular helps me to see things that I might otherwise miss.  And sometimes it's exactly that something in particular that gives a photo an extra bit of interest, a little pop.

The idea of shooting curves is a fairly recent and happy discovery.  I got the idea from someone else's list (Anne McKinnell maybe?) and have been delighted with the fairly high signal-to-noise ratio of my results.  Simply put, when I find curves to include in my pictures, there seems to be a good chance that I'm going to like the result.  It feels like cheating, but in a good way.

Here are some great curves.

This is actually a bike rack in what they're calling a "pocket park" here in Fishers, Indiana.  In what is probably too rare an occurrence, I took this while walking around for no reason other than to take a few picture one nice morning a while back.  Getting in close and getting down low were the keys for this shot.  What's that they say?  Stand in the right place.  Shoot from the right height.

If you're like me, the shot you plan to take is seldom the best of the bunch.  Last summer, my wife was running in a half-marathon in downtown Indianapolis and we decided to just get a hotel room and make a weekend out of it.  I looked forward to getting some shots of runners passing in front of a grand war memorial or maybe some intense or interesting portraits at or near the finish line.  Instead, my favorite shot of the weekend is this one, taken on my walk from the memorial to the finish line.  I've been in this spot hundreds of times.  But this time I saw the curves - and the sleek blue/white palette of this view. 

For the record, the curvy structure is the Indianapolis Artsgarden, which spans the intersection of Washington and Illinois streets.

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