Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The List of 50

This is where my list of 50 assignments ended up, with links to those that I've posted to date. Today, I tend to think that 50 is too many, that I broke a few things down too far and there's too much overlap. But anyway...

  01 Rule of thirds 
  02 Fill the frame 

  06 Symmetry 
  07 Off-center symmetry 

  08 Leading lines 
  12 Vertical lines
  13 Diagonal lines

  14 Motion blur 
  15 Freeze motion 
  16 Panning
  17 Full-scene sweeping blur abstract 
  18 Zoom blur – stationary lens – spiral 
  20 Light painting 
  21 Harris shutter effect (simulated) 
  22 Long Exposure 
  23 Star trails 

  26 Candid portrait - stranger (spectator/part of the crowd)
  27 Self-portrait

  28 High-horizon landscape 
  30 No-horizon landscape 
  31 Panorama 

Point of View
  32 Close-up/macro 
  33 High point of view 
  34 Low point of view 
  35 Dutch tilt 
  37 Purposely unfocused  

Patterns and Textures
  38 Texture 
  39 Pattern 
  40 Broken pattern

  41 Single color 
  44 Combination of pastel colors 

Light and Reflections
  45 Side light 
  46 Back light 
  47 Silhouette 

So I see, after adding the links, that I actually got through 32 of the 50 assignments, even though I only counted up to 30. Looks like I re-used #20 and #23 in my counting. Oops.

Will I try to finish the list? I don't know yet. I still don't want to put myself in  the position of posting photos that I don't particularly like. We'll see.

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